Terms and conditions

 Final Cleaning Services Terms and conditions:
1. The quote we provide over the telephone, fax or via email, is an estimate only based on Final Cleaning Services' experience, without inspection, and based on information provided by the Client to Final Cleaning Services at the time of quotation and/or booking process. Subject to this clause, quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the quote.

2. Price quoted for end of lease cleaning services is always estimated (quoted onsite) and subject to change according to conditions of house such as house dire conditions which means walls require details cleaning, kitchen ovens are in terrible conditions etc.

3. Clients have to pay 10% GST on provide quote as price is subject to change according to conditions of house as mentioned above.

4. Cancellation of booking on the same day of cleaning or after arrivals of cleaner/s will result in a cancellation fee of $59.

5. Prices quoted when booking through the Final Cleaning Services website/phone/email is an estimate only based on Final Cleaning Services' experience, without inspection, and are based on the conditions the house and area of cart for example For bedrooms bigger than 15 square metres and living rooms bigger than 39 square metres, the price will increase accordingly

6. Price for carpet steam cleaning is quoted according to per square meters for rooms, hallway, living room and for stairs per step not by square meters. Couch/sofa steam cleaning price are quoted per sitting/seats.

7. If property is double floor or located on level above than ground floor without the access of lift/elevator and is not mentioned while providing information for quote. Clients will be charged extra according to steps.

8. Bond back guarantee depends on condition/s of house. For example house in terrible condition/s up to where cleaner/s cannot clean and bring it back to new like state or carpet is discoloured or have heavy stains that can not be cleaned etc than there is no bond back guarantee. 

9. Cleaner will come back to fix things one time for no extra cost with one week time of cleaning date not after that. Unless your receipt says NO REDO then you will be charged extra for cleaning services that require a revisit from our/ Final Cleaning cleaners.

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